The Route

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Setting out to cover all 48 continental states is no easy task. The route went through a few different versions while trying to take into consideration our main aim:-
See as many amazing places while minimizing driving times.
In the end a two loop route seemed the best option as it allowed us to see the northern states on both coasts before winter could start to hamper our efforts.

We have some cheat states - what we'll call 'just passing through' states. Sorry New Mexico, Delaware, West Virginia, Rhode Island and Alabama, we just couldn't fit in any of your landmarks, but we'll wave while passing through!

For the two non-mainland states - Alaska and Hawaii - we tried everything in our power to fit them both in this trip. Unfortunately we only had time and budget for an Alaskan cruise is on the schedule.
We'll try to figure out when we'll finally complete that last chapter, known as Hawaii, at a later date.