Sunday 7 November 2010

Day 72 – Almost At Our Due Date

It’s time for us to face facts; the trip is reaching its final couple of days. There’s a mix of sadness at saying goodbye to life on the road, excitement at finally seeing home, friends and family again, but also fear of getting back to the real world. Without a set schedule to keep us going everyday it can only mean we’ll have to get jobs and really start thinking about settling down. I’ve heard that instead of travelling for months at a time, most people buy houses and have children…It’s a crazy concept, I know, but there you go…

Today was quiet – the path to home requires some winding down time, I suppose – all we managed to accomplish was a lunchtime visit to the movies. We saw ‘Due Date’ and (despite worrying that I’d seen most of the movie on the million different TV spots over the last few months) it was pretty funny and surprisingly sweet. Our trip across America wasn’t quite as eventful as Robert Downey Jr’s, but that’s probably a good thing…
The rest of the day was spent travelling through Illinois and, while the extra hour of sleep from daylight savings was nice, the 5pm sunset was depressing and means winter is now inescapable. It’s likely we’re not going back to the same Minnesota we left behind in August.

As it was just a driving day, here are some random photos from the road:
So, until tomorrow…

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