Tuesday 7 September 2010

Day 11 – Worse Things Have Happened At Sea

Today was quiet, a little too quiet. We’ve got a jam packed schedule for this trip, so ‘rest’ days should seem like a welcome break, but this is not true for us as it seems we thrive on momentum.
After a gym visit, we took a dip in the hot tub. Getting pruney wasted about 20 minutes, but we still had the rest of the day to fill.

The ship stopped briefly at the Hubbard Glacier, a beautiful sight to behold. It seems like most of the ship came out in their fleeces and sweaters to enjoy the frozen treat – Joe, of course, was the typical Minnesotan wearing just a T-shirt. Brrrrr.
It was a cool detour, but after getting pretty close, the ship moved on and back to choppy waters. Blackjack called us for a while, but having a few bad hands forced us to cut our losses and move back to our old favourite - chess. At least that was free!

This evening we decided to partake in the ships entertainment for a change, a comedian who was unfortunately playing to his audience. If we were 20 or 30 years older he may have been funny – some people sure thought so – but we had to leave after half an hour as it was like torture. You know when they start doing Ozzy Osbourne impressions you’re in trouble!

The first boring day of the trip? (Joe says ‘no, there have been a few already’. There’s just no pleasing that sourpuss…) Hey, at least it ended by us finding an origami towel monkey in our room. Awesome!
So, until tomorrow…

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  1. I don't know why but when you said that Joe replied, "no there have been a few already" to your question "First boring day on the trip?" so funny, but I did! That's Joe.