Monday 20 September 2010

Day 24 – From The Kids Playground To The Adults

Today, despite Joe’s protesting, we were set to do something I’d been looking forward to for the past 6 years – Finally going to Disneyland! Having worked for the company for so long I had always wanted to go during that time, but living in London didn’t exactly make access to any of the parks easy. Being in LA meant I wasn’t letting us leave without a visit to my former boss, Mickey Mouse!
Making our way around the park we immersed ourselves in all things Disney. Even Joe, who had originally been like one of the 7 dwarfs (I’ll let you decide which!) about our visit, gave in and changed his ‘no rides’ policy. After taking in ‘It’s a small world’ - the song sends you a little nuts by the end - we popped over to Mickey’s house for a meet and greet.
There’s something about Disneyland that just brings out the smiles in me and being there really turns you into a big kid. Of course it was also a huge reminder of the world I’ve just left back in London, so in a way the trip there was bittersweet and I couldn’t help but feel a small twinge of sadness. I put it behind me though, you can’t be sad in the happiest place on earth!
After rushing round Disneyland we headed next door to Disney’s California Adventure, but not before I got my obligatory photo with Pluto; he nearly escaped my grasp as twice during the day we’d tried to approach him only to be told the ‘Pluto greeting line is now closed’…were they worried I’d do something inappropriate to the pooch??
Over in California Adventure we were disappointed the Muppets 3D show was out of service today, but got over it when we found a cute Monster’s Inc. ride! The last ride of the visit was supposed to be the Tower of Terror, but Joe wussed out and wouldn’t go on it with me so we called it a day…
Starting our way out of town to Vegas we hit our first bit of traffic, ironic seeing as we’d been preparing ourselves for gridlocked traffic the whole time we were in LA--only to see none. We made a pit stop and brought the new Brendon Flowers album where the first track turned out being about Las Vegas…well, he is from there, so I guess it wasn’t that much of a coincidence!
Getting such a late start on the journey (as I just couldn’t bear to leave Disneyland!) the sun quickly started setting and most of our drive through the desert was in the dark…but, after entering state number eleven (Nevada), what better way to see the neon lights of the strip?!
So, until tomorrow…

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  1. Joe, first and foremost why would you wuss out over Tower of Terror? That is supposed to be the best, next time I guess. That sucks about the Muppet show, that sounds like it would have been super-cool! I cant wait to do everything you did on this day, as weird as it is to say, "I like Disney things too"! How was the CD? Text me and let me know, I was waiting to hear from someone!

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