Sunday 26 September 2010

Day 30 – Driving Through The Boredom

Our enjoyment of Colorado didn’t extend to the whole state. The further east we headed the more color the state lost. This kinda suited our moods though as the day was not a great one; just as nowhere can be luscious all over, not everyday can be awesome. Having spent most of yesterday cooped up in the car, today was not much better. It was just a driving day - no attractions to see - we were just making our way to Dodge City. 7 hours in the car isn’t so bad with things to look at, but Colorado’s descent into ‘blurgdom’ was then followed by state number sixteen’s own brand of bland.
Kansas is pretty famous for being flat and yellow, seeing it in person confirmed this claim to fame. It’s both extremely flat and extremely yellow. We’ve been through a lot of farmland on this trip already, but for some reason each of them held some sort of charm or beauty. The Kansas landscape didn’t do anything for us…as you can probably tell by the lack of photos.
So, until tomorrow…

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A Quick Jopinion: ‘How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?’

We passed a young boy in a strip mall parking lot outside Durango, Colorado. He was sitting on a rock holding a weiner dog with a sign that read ‘dog for sale’. I wanted to buy it and keep it in the car in a box so the ‘flat states’ would be more exciting. We didn’t buy it because Anita didn’t agree with my ‘get rid of it when we get home’ policy. It was a fine policy, in my jopinion. Whatever the next kid on the next rock is selling – I’m buying it.

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