Saturday 18 September 2010

Day 22 – Cruising Down The 101

I’m sorry to say this will be a short, bland entry as it was just a driving day. We’ve got a few days on this trip that are either for resting up or just getting from A to B…although today was actually for both! Wanting to make the most of our splurge on the Madonna Inn we got a lot of sleep and didn’t check out until we had to. This extra rest was really needed as Joe’s been pointing out the growing bags under my eyes for the last couple of days…
Getting on the freeway we decided to put a few miles behind us before stopping for lunch; eventually settling on an Ihop hours later. We ate too much and then finished the journey.
Didn’t take many photos today, but here’s the few I snapped from the road:
Arriving in Long Beach we did make one quick detour before going to the hotel though…Ferris Bueller’s house!!
So, until tomorrow…

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