Wednesday 22 September 2010

Day 26 – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Sooooooo, turns out the car situation is not a good one and now we’re going to be shafted with a $2k bill. Ouch! This is painful news and depressing as hell. Although we’ve put a lot of miles on the car we would never have expected it crap out in 5 weeks, that’s just unacceptable. Argh, beyond frustrating!! We’re trying not to let this ruin the trip, especially as we’ve still got a long way to go, but obviously it’s quite the blow. Can’t take a roadtrip without a car, it’s kinda a necessity!

Putting the car troubles to the back of our minds, we took the monorail up the strip to our old hotel, The Venetian. While this time we couldn’t afford to live in the Venice themed hotel’s lap of luxury (not that the MGM isn’t decent), it’s nice to return to a place where you know where everything is. There’s a comfort in that when you’re on a trip where everywhere you’re going is unfamiliar.
Deciding to walk back in the ridiculous desert heat, we took in the sites of the strip. When we were here last spring we went EVERYWHERE, up & down, checking out almost every casino. This time we didn’t feel the need to do that, so we headed back to the MGM and ended out the afternoon by swimming in the pool...seeing as we no longer have money to gamble! Unfortunately as the sun was setting, the pool was pretty chilly, so we will try again tomorrow in the hopes we’ll get to work on our tans.
So, until tomorrow…

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