Sunday 5 September 2010

Day 9 – ‘The Sea Was Angry That Day My Friend…’

Sailing started smoothly yesterday, but by bedtime things had started to sway somewhat. Joe is usually the one that suffers from seasickness, but as I was trying to sleep even I felt slightly queasy. Things have not got much better as we’ve been hitting choppy waters all day!

This morning we decided to skip breakfast for more Zzzzzz’s and our day didn’t get going until mid-morning – a rarity for us. To combat all the American food we’ve been indulging in lately we decided to hit up the gym; another rarity! On the way back to our room Joe caught sight of a ping pong table and proceeded to kick my ass at it many times. I let Joe have his victory and after a late lunch we set about exploring the ship.
Joe had the ‘bright’ idea of taking our exploration outside. It seems most impressions of cruising is sunshine filled days lounging by the pool, unfortunately when you’re going to Alaska sunshine is something you’re unlikely to encounter. So, today the views have been a little grey and the wind was a lot to contend with.
Time to get in from the cold! The ship has a great library that we like to hang out in and we headed there to play some chess. Yes, we’re intellectuals now. But at least I got my revenge for the ping pong with a clear checkmate!
Tonight is formal night on the ship, you have to get glam’d up to be able to leave your room. It actually adds a nice atmosphere to things, everyone looking fancy, although walking in heels on a rocking boat is no easy task.
One thing I did manage to do was convince Joe to see this evenings stage show based on broadway musical hits. He feels the shows onboard are going to be too cheesy for his palate so I felt it was an accomplishment to get him to agree to go. So below is us all dressed up ready for dinner and a show…
Unfortunately the next picture was taken about 20 minutes later back in our room. We had to leave before even ordering our food as the boat was tossing around so much I was worried Joe was going to throw up and that’s not the done thing in the formal dining room!
Oh well, another quiet night in the room and hey, I still have five nights to drag Joe to a show!!

So, until tomorrow…


  1. Keep your eyes on the horizon folks!

  2. I think I will have a Summer Cruise don't fancy all that money and no food feeling sick also urhhh