Thursday 23 September 2010

Day 27 – Well Hello Captain Morgan…

I can’t say that today was full of exciting news to relay, but it certainly took the sting out of our $2100 car bill…We have been enjoying our time in Vegas, if you don’t count the automobile situation, so after picking up Grifter from the mechanics (I tried not to just kick the damn thing in anger) we decided to make good on our plan from yesterday and work on our tan.

The pool was beyond relaxing, but hot, hot, hot! Unfortunately myself and Joe don’t do well in the heat and we didn’t have sunscreen (yep, left it in our lemon of a car), so we tried our best to mix up the sunbathing and the lazy river…and boy was it lazy!

After catching the rays, we rested up in the hotel room – because the pool was hard work?!?! – then went to the movies and saw ‘The Other Guys’; a funny but disjointed film.
Finally we made the obvious decision in how to make yourselves feel better when in Vegas and faced with such a ridiculously high car bill…we bought some rum…
So, until tomorrow…with a predictable hangover…

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