Tuesday 5 October 2010

Day 39 – Cracking The Case Of Jack The Ripper

It’s been another grim, rainy day on the roads as the weather isn’t improving. Considering it was just a driving day, and we had five hours to enjoy the wipers squeaking back and forth, we added in a small - somewhat odd - excursion to the town of Rochester, NY. Why you ask? Well…

A few years ago, back in London, we took the ‘Jack the Ripper’ walking tour, where you hear the tale and visit the spots where the murders took place back in 1888. Even though it was over a hundred years ago, it was disturbing that such ghastly murders really took place and that nobody was ever caught. Ever since then, Joe has been consumed with figuring out the ultimate whodunit case (these kind of obsessions of grandeur no longer surprise me, he’s also convinced one day he’ll be the one to crack the JFK murder…). He’s done enough unbiased research on the unsolved killings and watched about 100 shows on the subject, so he may know what he’s talking about; at least as much as anybody outside of a real aficionado or Scotland Yard employee can.

Almost all the experts, for at least the last 5 years, have finally agreed on the most probable suspect to the famous crime. They all seem to think that it was an unstable, eccentric, misogynistic, American doctor living in London at the time. A man named Francis Tumuelty (when he left London, the murderer never struck in Whitechapel again…). Joe saw a show on the History channel about him a few years ago and at first was sceptical, but by the end, suffice it to say, he was convinced too. We’ll never know for sure – but what we do know about Tumuelty is this: he’s buried in Rochester, NY. So, seeing as we were passing by, Joe just had to stop and say ‘Gotcha’! Case closed…probably.

Back on the road - after getting bored of taking photos in the car - we made the more sensible move to take in the sights of upstate New York; which is going through a lovely shade of fall (if you minus the grey skies!). It really is a pretty place and a complete contrast to the New York we saw last Christmas when we were in the concrete jungle of NYC.
Pretty of course, if you don’t count this house…can somebody say 'issues'????:
So, until tomorrow…

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