Thursday 14 October 2010

Day 48 – Reigning Over The Boardwalk Empire

No sooner had I mentioned the upturn in the weather than it decided to knock me down a peg or two as we awoke to grey skies over the ocean. Surprisingly it was still really mild out so we took a walk up the boardwalk to see what the rest of Atlantic City had to offer. When planning to come here I had expected the town to be a lot of fun - the east coast Vegas - but sometimes expectations leave a lot to be desired!
The nicest thing we found was a mildly upscale shopping mall that jutted out into the sea, although we had no money to spend. Browsing was fine; it was just a relief to see something that wasn’t falling apart. At the back there was a water fountain that promised a light & musical extravaganza on the hour. As there was only five minutes to go we thought why not just hang around for it. Obviously this is Atlantic City’s answer to the Bellagio fountains in Vegas. How could a shopping mall not compete?? Um…
After recovering from the ‘wow’ factor of the lights and water show we continued on to the far end of the boardwalk. I was saddened to see how rundown things are here because they have a great location for a resort. There’s no legitimate reason Atlantic City couldn’t be as big and flashy as Las Vegas. People should want to come here, but from what I’ve seen the city would need a lot of work to turn things around. Maybe in the summer months things boom better…
With nothing left to do we ducked into the Taj Mahal casino to gamble a little. The slots there were pretty loose, so we actually turned our $20 into $50, but then our eyes got bigger than our bellies (I know, that big) and we ended up walking away with $8 to our name.
Unfortunately when we got back outside the rain had started to chuck it down and our hotel was at the opposite end of the boardwalk. A long, wet walk followed…We haven’t been that drenched since the Cave of Winds in Niagara! Let’s just say a hot bath went a long way to making things better!

So, until tomorrow…

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