Saturday 9 October 2010

Day 43 – Lobster Maine-ia

Yay, I no longer have to look at rooty hair! This morning we started out by visiting a salon; this pleased Joe no end as he was in the waiting area for nearly two hours… I was impressed that the hairdresser, Bobbi, managed to match up my color so well. I have to admit I was worried about letting someone else do my hair after nearly 20 years with the same hairdresser, but it all worked out fine…

Errand ran, we got on with the main business of the day – becoming tourists again! Our day off meant we were refreshed and ready to get back on the beaten path, so we drove over and said hello to the eastern seaboard. Yep, we’ve made it to the ‘other’ ocean! This can only mean one thing; we’ve officially driven from one side of America to the other!

This achievement took place in a town called Camden, Maine. Often voted the most beautiful place in the US; it is a small seaside town that mostly caters to tourists. We grabbed a quick lunch, where I enjoyed the seafood chowder (well, it is Maine after all), then we took in the local shops. This mostly consisted of overpriced arts and crafts. There was a secondhand store that was trying to sell a bracelet I bought for £8 in the UK from ‘Accessorize’. They had the cheek to, not only pretend it was a good deal by putting it on sale from $40 to $22, but they also tried to pass it off as French to give it a more chic back-story. Can someone say scam?
Fed up with the highway robbery of the stores we walked around the harbour area. After all the things I’d heard about the beauty of Camden, I was disappointed by it. It was really small and there wasn’t much there other than the tacky stores. We decided to see if there was anything else more our scene along the Maine coastline.
Just up the road we found the mini seafront of, the awesomely named, Ducktrap and got to walk on its tiny beach; it was just us and the seagulls, much more peaceful than the oversaturated Camden. Unfortunately there still wasn’t much going on there; far too cold for a dip in the ocean! The idea of a swim was appealing to us though, so we set our sights on ‘home’ – our temporary one in Augusta that is!

The cool thing about October in America is they love Halloween and even though it’s only the 9th it seems most people have already dressed their houses up in all kinds of crazy, scary-themed decorations. I’m enjoying driving around seeing what people have come up with.
Once back at the hotel we got our swim on in the world’s smallest pool before enjoying a quiet night in with pizza to do laundry and watch the Twins get whipped by the Yankees…Sigh.

So, until tomorrow…

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