Friday 8 October 2010

Day 42 – Even The Unemployed Need A Day Off

While it may seem like this trip is all fun and games, being on the road everyday can get exhausting; and if you’re not enjoying it, what’s the point? So, to combat fatigue we had to add in what we’re calling ‘hotel days’. These are a few days sporadically thrown in where we do nothing more than stop and take a breather. We get to not live by the alarm clock and have a few more hours sleep or run any errands that we’ve not had time to fit in previously or just simply not drive for hours on end – pretty much anything that doesn’t make us tourists is what hotel days are for. It’s almost what we used to refer to as a weekend back when we were gainfully employed!
You probably won’t have noticed our earlier hotel days because they were carefully hidden. The first one was our day at sea while on the cruise. We’d only been on the road nine days at that point and, as it turned out most of the cruise was spent without much to do, it could be argued the whole thing was one long hotel day!
Our second hotel day was in Vegas, but again, as all three days in Sin City were spent chilling out, that one day also blended into our whole time there. Since we left Vegas on day twenty-eight we haven’t had a day off; that means we’ve been travelling non-stop for two weeks. Not that I’m expecting anybody to feel sorry for us of course! But the truth is, if we don’t stop every once in a while there’s a risk we’ll run out of steam.

Today we slept in until noon then went to see about finally getting my hair sorted out. Sadly the salon couldn’t fit me in until the morning, but it’s good to know it’ll finally be taken care of! With our only errand sorted out we made our way to the local cinema and saw ‘The Social Network’; an interesting film about how Facebook got its start. We enjoyed it, although it told me nothing I didn’t already know via a Rolling Stone article a few years ago. It does have a great final moment though.
Last night when we arrived at our hotel we noticed a large, crappy tin building across the road that apparently housed a Chinese buffet. Normally something that looked that shabby should be avoided at all costs, but the alarming number of cars outside made us curious. Taking a chance, mostly due to laziness at not wanting to venture far, we walked over there tonight to see what all the fuss was about. Never judge a book by its cover is the lesson here, as the place was damn good and obviously a well-known Augusta favourite!
So, until tomorrow…

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