Friday 15 October 2010

Day 49 – Lessons In Being a Jackass

All that was on our schedule today was a drive from Atlantic City to Philadelphia. Most of the journey’s on this trip take forever to get from point A to B, but this one happened to take only an hour. Seeing as we had to check out of one hotel by 11am and couldn’t check in to the next until 3pm the hour drive didn’t turn out to be too well planned…Obviously this meant movie time!!
Finding a cinema along the way, we stopped into the New Jersey Washington Township and used their UA multiplex to see ‘Jackass 3D’. It’s pretty much what you would expect from the famed MTV Jokers. The same overplayed, gross-out stunts should be getting as old as the aging cast; though I’m embarrassed to admit I actually found this mildly entertaining. What can I say, men comically trying to cause each other physical pain is childishly funny!

Arriving in Philadelphia via the Benjamin Franklin Bridge we checked into our hotel. To say it’s a great location is an understatement; we're a block from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell! As it was still early we figured we could fit in one of tomorrow’s activities – this would save us from trying to see all of Philly in a single day, for conveniently located behind our hotel: The US Mint.
The Mint produces all the coins in US currency and they allow you to take a tour showing how the money is made. For some bizarre reason the government don’t want you taking photos of this magical event, but you aren’t really missing much as it wasn’t the most interesting of tours. We learned some fascinating facts, like every coin must legally have the word ‘Liberty’ written on it and that they can produce a million coins in half an hour. Zzzzzzzzzzzz…Turns out money is only exciting when you have it, not so much when you just look at it behind glass.
So, until tomorrow…

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